How To Toilet Train Your Dogs

If you have decided to welcome a canine companion to your home then you must be overjoyed. That is because these are the most loyal companions that you can ever find. They will always love you unconditionally no matter what you do. Furthermore, they also make life so much fun. That is because each of these animals has their own personalities. Therefore once you bring them to your home you would be able to discover what they are like. However, we also understand that this initial stage is not all fun and games. That is because it is at this stage that you have to train your canine companion. Thus, it is potty training that we consider to be the most important thing that you have to teach them. That is because having to clean their deposits from your floor every day is no one’s idea of fun. This can also frustrate you easily. Experiencing such feelings is understandable. But without blaming the dog down the road you should take the initiative to train them.Select a LocationOnce you pick up your british bulldog puppies then you need to pick a location for them to go potty. We cannot tell you what type of location you can select. But we understand that this would depend on where you live. For instance, if you have a garden then it would be here. But if you live in an apartment you have a choice to make. One would be to take him outdoors to go to the toilet. Otherwise one always has the option of creating a spot indoors. This can be something like a doggie litter box.

Catch Him In The ActWhen you see that your blue staffy for sale has left a deposit in your living room we know what your reaction would be. It would be to scream at the dog or even to punish him. But you need to understand something. If the deposit has been made hours ago the animal would not understand why you are screaming. Therefore that is why we recommend you catch him in the act. That is because a punishment would only be effective within seconds of the action. Therefore you have to make sure to catch the animal in the act. That is if you want to correct their behaviour. Furthermore, it is also recommended to praise the animal when they do their job at the correct location.

However, again you need to catch him in the act and praise him.

Therefore, if you follow these tips you will have no problem training your canine.