3 Things For You To Consider In Cat- Friendly Hotels

It is not very hard these days for you to find a place to stay in for cat. Your cat might need a lot of care and love too. There are many hotels which allow cats to stay in but at a certain price. Remember to never assume that hotels do not allow cats. Many do but do not take a cat in without the hotel permission. Here are certain factors for you to consider when you are looking for a hotel that your cat can stay in too:

Hotel chains

Some hotel chains are very different from some others. Some allow for accommodation while others do not. The accommodation can vary in price especially if the hotel allows for cat sitters who will baby sit your cat. You must be careful when you book a place as the place must mention pets allowed on the reception or etc. If during a recession some hotels may make an adjustment and allow for the cats to be taken inside the premises.


Motels are great too if you are looking for a family vacation with your cat. It will offer easier access than a hotel and it will also allow for midnight walks but make sure you take your cat on a leash. You must be careful about keeping your cat inside the hotel room alone just in case a careless room service attendee lets the cat out of the room!

Main Hotels

The resident hotels or main hotels of a given chain might allow for those who are long-term employees or families travelling from faraway destinations to bring their pets. They will have designated areas where you can allow your pet to walk on. Some places in the world like Las Vegas offers a slot machine with grass for people to walk their pets on. They will also have sitting areas and kitchens for you to feed your cat! Remember most hotels will charge an extra cat fee. Some hotels will expect you to have a pet in room door tag placed whenever your cat is inside the room. They might give you a pet bowl too. Some luxury hotels have a pet menu, cat sitters and massage services for your pets. Some might even have play areas for your cat to play on.

Remember to negotiate with the hotel so that you will not get ripped off. Always ask them if you can use the elevator to transport your cat in. If your hotel does not allow for a cat do not leave your cat in the car overnight!